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It was said earlier this year that 2018 would be the Year of the Blog! Well, I can say from my busy blog writing schedule over these past several months that it's true, indeed. Everyone wants to communicate via the web, whether to demonstrate a skill, announce a new product/service, or inform others about an interesting topic. Blogs are the newest vehicle in town and seem to be here to stay. Not only do they increase your website traffic via key words and new content, they also serve as a less formal way to tell others about yourself or your company or whatever. As opposed to the more static information typically residing on fixed websites, blogs offer a chance to share fresh content relevant to the time of posting. Tax season is a perfect time, for example, to post tips about the latest IRS rules to be aware of. It's an ideal way to highlight your knowledge in a specific arena and promote yourself as a thought leader. Plus, a blog article does not entail the same time commitment or resources to produce a white paper. So, why not try it the next time you have something to say?

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