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Another set of eyes

Even professional writers need another set of eyes. Ironically, my previous post had a fatal error ("business" was spelled wrong). Due to my confidence as an editor as well as a writer, I skipped the important spell check step. And, I did not ask anyone to look it over for me. A cardinal sin? Maybe not that serious, but embarrassing for sure! Now, here's the took an old friend from high school with whom I've recently connected on the Internet to tell me about my faux pas. I ask you, what are the chances?!!!

Bottom line, EVERYTHING counts when it comes to your image...from e-mails, to blogs, to website content, to printed brochures. You never know when a typo will be discovered and by whom. Luckily, in my case, it was a friend. I honestly share this with you (at the risk of harming myself) to prevent YOUR image from being tarnished.

Oh yeah, you can relax, I just ran a spell check and re-read the above one more time:-)

Contact me for another set of eyes! 832-868-6100

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